2013 Culpeper Air Fest

Saturday October 12, 2013

Culpeper Regional Airport, Brandy Station, Virginia

Preview updated on August 28, 2013.

Please see the airshow's website and/or FB Page for when the gates open,
the show times, restricted items, and much more important information.

For a COMPLETE and UP-TO-DATE listing of aircraft attending this year's list,
please see the the official webpage for the Culpeper Air Fest.


Aerobatic Performances, Warbird Performances, and Others

The Flying Circus Airshow
Trojan Horsemen
Art Nalls
Scott Francis
Kevin Russo




Participating Organizations

Commemorative Air Force
B-25 Mitchell Panchito



Click here for the video page.


Official Facebook Page for the Culpeper Regional Airport

Official Website - Culpeper Air Fest

2013 Steven Holzinger