Philadelphia International Airport - Frontier Airlines Fleet


As the title suggests, Frontier Airlines operates a handful of flights out of Philadelphia International Airport, utilizing all three major types of aircraft in their fleet.  Initially, Frontier flew one route from Denver to PHL, which was discontinued due to demand.  Frontier then opened up operations from PHL to several destinations around the country and has since expanded the number of destinations offered to over twenty full-year and seasonal destinations, including the first route to Cuba, slated to begin on January 7, 2017.  Many of these destinations are severed a few times a week, others daily, and the more popular Florida routes are operated by as many as three flights a day.

In 2015 Frontier Airlines introduced a refreshed livery and started taking delivery of the Airbus A321.  The A321 was first used on the PHL to Orlando route, among others.  Today, the A321 is seen on routes throughout Frontier's network.

In 2016, Frontier took delivery of their first of many A320neo aircraft; a refreshed and updated version of the A320 featuring new engines as well as technological advancements that were gradually introduced on the A320 family in the 2000s.

Frontier Airlines' slogan is A Whole Different Animal, and each aircraft actually has a different animal featured on the tail.  The below list is accurate as of July 25, 2017.


Aircraft Type


N902FR Airbus A319 Woody the Wood Duck
N905FR Airbus A319 Sherman the Sea Lion
N906FR Airbus A319 Andy the Pronghorn Antelope
N910FR Airbus A319 Sal the Cougar
N918FR Airbus A319 Jake the White Tail Deer
N919FR Airbus A319 Lance the Ocelot
N920FR Airbus A319 Carl the Coyote
N921FR Airbus A319 Fritz the Mountain Goat
N922FR Airbus A319 Foxy the Red Fox
N923FR Airbus A319 Rudy the Raccoon
N926FR Airbus A319 Domino the Black Tail Deer Fawn
N928FR Airbus A319 Hank the Bobcat
N932FR Airbus A319 Sarge the Bald Eagle
N934FR Airbus A319 LJ the Lynx
N935FR Airbus A319 Hector the Sea Otter
N938FR Airbus A319 Misty the Arctic Fox
N939FR Airbus A319 Joe, Jim, Jay, and Gary the Emperor Penguins
N941FR Airbus A319 Lobo the Gray Wolf
N943FR Airbus A319 Cloe the Deer Fawn
N947FR Airbus A319 Maya the Jaguar
N948FR Airbus A319 Pete the Pelican
N949FR Airbus A319 Erma the Ermine
N951FR Airbus A319 Benny the Brown Bear
N952FR Airbus A319 Mel the Mule Deer
N953FR Airbus A319 O'Malley the Mallard
N954FR Airbus A319 Mickey the Moose
N201FR Airbus A320 Yukon the Caribou
N202FR Airbus A320 Colorado the Bighorn Sheep
N203FR Airbus A320 Sally the Mustang
N205FR Airbus A320 Ozzy the Orca
N206FR Airbus A320 Alberta & Clipper:  Polar Bears
N207FR Airbus A320 Thunder the American Bison
N208FR Airbus A320 Charlie the Cougar
N209FR Airbus A320 Andre the Pronghorn Antelope
N210FR Airbus A320 Sheldon the Sea Turtle
N211FR Airbus A320 Grizwald the Grizzly Bear
N213FR Airbus A320 Montana the Elk
N214FR Airbus A320 Carl the Coyote
N216FR Airbus A320 Cliff the Mountain Goat
N218FR Airbus A320 Paxton the Puffin
N219FR Airbus A320 Jack the Rabbit
N220FR Airbus A320 Finn the Tiger Shark
N221FR Airbus A320 Bugsy the Tree Frog
N223FR Airbus A320 Francesca the Flamingo
N227FR Airbus A320 Grizwald the Bear
N228FR Airbus A320 Orville the Red Cardinal
N229FR Airbus A320 Peachy the Fox
N230FR Airbus A320 Betty the Bluebird
N232FR Airbus A320 Sammy the Squirrel
N233FR Airbus A320 Buck the Pronghorn
N235FR Airbus A320 Pike the Otter
N236FR Airbus A320 Marty the Marmot
N238FR Airbus A320 Hugh the Manatee
N301FR Airbus A320neo Wilbur the White Tail
N302FR Airbus A320neo Flo the Flamingo
N303FR Airbus A320neo Poppy the Prairie Dog
N304FR Airbus A320neo Jack the Rabbit
N305FR Airbus A320neo Cliff the Mountain Goat
N307FR Airbus A320neo Champ the Bronco
N308FR Airbus A320neo Flo the Flamingo
N309FR Airbus A320neo Weston the Woodpecker
N310FR Airbus A320neo Sunny the Collared Lizard
N311FR Airbus A320neo Mia the Dolphin
N312FR Airbus A320neo Chocolate the Moose
N313FR Airbus A320neo Wiley the Bison
N701FR Airbus A321 Otto the Owl
N702FR Airbus A321 Courtney the Cougar
N704FR Airbus A321 Virginia the Wolf
N705FR Airbus A321 Ferndale the Pygmy Owl
N706FR Airbus A321 Max the Lynx
N708FR Airbus A321 Joe Bob the Badger
N709FR Airbus A321 Steve the Eagle
N710FR Airbus A321 Fallon the Falcon
N711FR Airbus A321 Powder the Polar Bear
N712FR Airbus A321 Spot the Jaguar
N713FR Airbus A321 Mitch the Wolverine
N714FR Airbus A321 Cubby the Bear
N715FR Airbus A321 Cactus the Coyote
N716FR Airbus A321 Seymour the Walrus
N717FR Airbus A321 Luna & Lilly the Wolves
N718FR Airbus A321 Cali the Mountain Lion
N719FR Airbus A321 Midnight the Wolf


Photos in the slideshow were taken between August 2015 and July 2016.  Apologies for the large copyrights in each photo - this is necessary in this day and age where photos are widely stolen and passed along as if they are one's own.