Aircraft Spotting Pages - Red Lion Airport (N73)


About the Spot

Spot A:  When you get to the airport, it may seem like you have free range to roam about the airport, however, this is the only spot you can watch airplanes from.  Park in the dirt and gravel parking lot that is right next to County Road 641.  You are right in line with Runway 23 operations, and since it is less than 3,000 feet long, you can easily watch all operations on Runway 5 as well.

At this time, there are currently no restrictions on aviation photography here, and you do not need anything more than 300mm since everything is very close.  While there are no aviation photography restrictions, please do not attempt to gain access to the ramp or runway unless invited to do so by airport employees or pilots.

Recommendation:  The light from sunrise until about 1:00 pm is decent as the sun is behind you.

Activity at the Red Lion Airport

When the weather is ideal (low winds and visual flight rules prevailing), the Red Lion Airport does see its share of activity from aircraft based there, but likely nothing more. 

Red Lion Airport can be easily accessed via NJ Route 70 and US Route 206.  Follow the signs to the airport.


Currently, if you remain in the area around Spot A, you should have no issues with photography.  As a general rule of thumb, photograph only the airplanes and not the passengers unless you are asked to do so by the pilot and passengers.


None available at the airport, however, there are several restaurants within a fifteen minute drive of the airport.